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I have a new website!

2010-06-22 04:06:25 by Jammer-Lammy

The site is at

I don't play RuneScape. I still check the website from time to time, but I don't play the game. I definitely do not make RS movies any more.

I would like everyone who cares to join me at!
Also, visit my new user page at!

My GetLives username: Jam

New Account: FJGamer

2009-03-28 01:32:23 by Jammer-Lammy

I moved to this account last year:
I'm in the process of making a nicer gallery, full of only good games and animations, and a new account was necessary. Plus, my old username confused people, so I'm now going by my universal alias, FJGamer. (I'd have FJGamer on Gamespot, too, but someone beat me to it.)

Anyway, here are a few other places you can find me: file/FJGamer
Also, my website:

Please, if you like my work at all, consider joining my site's community. We talk mostly about video games, but there are other discussions, as well.

My New Account

2008-09-20 18:42:54 by Jammer-Lammy

I have a new account at, and I suggest you all start watching that account for updates, because all my new submissions will be there. I will continue to check Jammer-Lammy for new comments and all that, but I wanted a fresh start with my gallery, and the new name is welcome, too, because FJGamer is what people knew me as on Runescape and still know me as on many art sites.

Again, new account:
Also, if you're bored:

Collabs take too long.

2008-05-03 23:49:48 by Jammer-Lammy

I have tried to join many collabs in the past month, and none of them have turned out to be any good, but I'll keep my eye out for more. If I was a MGS fan, I'd join that "official NG MGS collab" I saw the other day, but I'm not a fan, I only really recall the games up to MGS1 on PS1. I stopped playing after that.

If you're a fan of my Runescape movies, I uploaded my old script for "RSDragoons 2" to my website at I would love to hear your opinion of the story, but I don't plan to make a movie out of it. I don't really like Runescape as it is. I miss the good ol' days. Heck, I miss Graal Online.

Average Man Collab part 7

2007-07-31 20:29:48 by Jammer-Lammy

I got into the collab days ago. Got my part done in record time. Mae a mistake by drawing my hat hlafway into the animation, though. Anyway, here's the final product:

Hope I get more views thanks to this, even if I'm not listed as a co-author.

AM Collab

2007-07-23 21:58:04 by Jammer-Lammy

My part: eragemanpart6.php
I chose part 6, because I thought it was open, but after checking the next day, I realized part 6 had been taken for a while, and I wasted my time. No biggie, though. If it isn't used in the collab, I can recycle the animation for something else. hehee

Great! I'm impressed!

2007-07-18 19:19:56 by Jammer-Lammy

Newgrounds is really impressing me lately. I love having a customizable page of my own. Reminds me of DeviantART's glory days. That and SheezyArt. Anyway, I'm working on a banner/header for my page, so be back soon.

Great! I'm impressed!